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General Information on the Chavurah
Chavurat Aytz Chayim is a community of approximately 60 families committed to sharing Jewish life and the study of Torah together.

The word "chavurah" is commonly translated as "fellowship," and is derived from the Hebrew root that means "friend" or "friendship." In this spirit, individuals and families who comprise Chavurat Aytz Chayim also strive to support each other in times of difficulty and to celebrate with each other in times of joy.

Who joins the Chavurah? Chavurat Aytz Chayim is for anyone looking to gain a greater appreciation of the richness of the Jewish tradition. There is a haimish atmosphere that reflects pesonal warmth and an extended family feeling.

Our Chavurah, with its strong sense of community, is especially appealing to those who wish to gain an adult understanding of Judaism.

The Chavurah also attracts parents who want to provide their children with a positive sense of Jewish identity and a love of being Jewish.

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Adult-study - Our Chavurah was founded by Jews who wanted to understand what it really means to be Jewish - to go beyond third-grade Bible stories, to reject the "don't ask!" response, and to truly appreciate their Jewish heritage.

Youth Program - Our Chavurah has a full program of Jewish studies for children beginning in kindergarten. In the Chavurah "religious school" (which we call the youth program), Rabbi Golub teaches all the Hebrew classes (from introductory Hebrew to advanced prayerbook Hebrew), which parents attend with their children. Other adults are also welcome to attend.

The religious school meets on Sunday mornings and is conducted in members' homes.

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Rabbi Golub prepares all bar/bat-mitzvah students in both a classroom setting and with private instruction. Every bar/bat-mitzvah is encouraged to read from the Torah, to recite a haftarah portion and to present a d'rash (teaching) based on the week's Torah reading.