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Since our inception in Stamford, CT in 1971, Rabbi Mark S. Golub has served as the Chavurah's rabbi.  In 1972, he was ordained a Reform rabbi by the Hebrew Union College - Jewish Institute of Religion in New York and was awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Divinity by HUC-JIR in 1997 for his unique contribution to Jewish life through Jewish radio, television and film.

Rabbi Golub’s eclectic approach to the Jewish tradition reflects the diversity of his own family background.  His maternal grandfather was an Orthodox rabbi who received s’michah (rabbinic ordination) in the Musar Movement (Ethical Tradition of Judaism).  His paternal grandparents were pioneers in Jewish education in America through the Reform Movement and helped Dr. Mordecai Kaplan create Reconstructionist Judaism (Mark’s bar-mitzvah ceremony took place at the Reconstructionist S.A.J. synagogue in Manhattan).  And Mark grew up in a Conservative Jewish household which helped to create the first Conservative Synagogue in Trumbull, Connecticut.

Rabbi Golub (he is "Mark" to all of us) leads our Friday night services with song, laughter, and joy (as well as with an accordion).  His Friday night presentations of the Torah Sedra of the Week are based on the marvelous insights of the Midrash (rabbinic commentary to the Torah) that adds to our understanding of Jewish thought

Chavurah members also join Mark for Brunch and Shabbat Study in members’ homes -- consisting of readings of Talmudic and Midrashic passages as well as readings of contemporary Jewish rabbis and philosophers.  Currently, Rabbi Golub is presenting a survey of source material relating to the creation of the modern State of Israel.

Mark also teaches all of our children on Sunday mornings in a member’s home.  Classes include Hebrew study, Bar/Bat-Mitzvah preparation, and studies in Jewish ritual, culture and history.  Adults are also welcome to attend these classes and at least one parent must accompany his or her child.


Rabbi Mark S. Golub's outstanding experience in teaching and media make him especially well-suited for his role as president and CEO of JBS. Lauded by Newsweek as one of America's most influential rabbis, Mark S. Golub is recognized within American Jewry as a leading interviewer and television producer.
JBS, the Jewish Broadcasting Service, (formerly Shalom TV) is America's Jewish television network covering the panorama of Jewish life.

Programs on JBS reflect and address the diversity and pluralism of the Jewish experience. The service does not represent any specific movement or organization in the Jewish community

His award-winning national program, "L'Chayim," has aired continuously since 1979 with a guest list that reads like a "Who's Who" on the world Jewish scene. Rabbi Golub's interviews have been reprinted in Jewish newspapers and magazines as well as in an anthology published by SUNY Press.

Rabbi Golub is an extremely successful entrepreneur in the field of ethnic television. He created the Russian Television Network of America (RTN) which serves the needs of Jewish immigrants from the former Soviet Union. The company now nationally distributes RTN along with nine other Russian-language channels as the only vertically integrated ethnic television company in America.

 Rabbi Golub is a gifted teacher with an unusual ability to explain the genius of the Jewish tradition and the uniqueness of Jewish values. He has taught in the CCNY Jewish Studies Department and HUC-JIR's Cantorial School and School of Education. In addition, he is a frequent guest lecturer throughout the country on the meaning of being Jewish and on Midrash (Jewish commentaries to the Bible).

HUC-JIR recognized these talents of Rabbi Golub when they bestowed upon him an honorary doctorate, describing him as an "Innovative Rabbi" whose "gifts as a communicator have helped disseminate the meaning of Judaism, whose commitment to Torah has inspired and enlightened the chavurot he founded and sustains, whose experience and creativity have earned him a position of leadership in Jewish broadcasting, and whose spirit finds expression in his religious conviction and in his artistic talent." He also received the prestigious Tree of Life award from the Jewish National Fund in recognition of his significant work in media in promoting Jewish life.

Nobel laureate
Elie Wiesel describes Rabbi Golub as "a committed and passionate television professional who has enhanced Jewish understanding in the general Jewish community through programming he has created for nearly thirty years.”

"There may be no one more suited to head the first national Jewish channel in America than Mark Golub," said Dr. Wiesel.