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Our Chavurah Philosophy

The Chavurat Aytz Chayim – The Community of Jewish Life is a group of Jewish families whose goal is the creation of a community committed to the values of Torah and the Tradition of the Jewish People.

Since the Chavurah understands that Judaism is meant to be lived and experienced in a family setting, with the mood and tone of Jewish life being set by parents and other adults of the community, the primary concern of the Chavurah is adult study of “Torah” (i.e., the thought, practice, and history of the Jewish People). The Chavurah recognizes, therefore, that the central activity of the group will be regular meetings for adult education. aimed at deepening our awareness of the meaning of being Jewish in today’s world.

The Chavurah is vitally concerned with the Jewish education of our children and enabling them to identify with their heritage. However, the Chavurah fully recognizes that the education of our young people belongs primarily in the home, and that all formal group activities aimed at teaching our children be seen only as an extension of the Jewishness of the family setting.

The Chavurah understands that it can only enrich its sense of community when families join together to celebrate those moments of Jewish significance throughout the year (i.e., Shabbat, holidays, bar/bat mitzvahs, etc.). The Chavurah also recognizes that for the sense of community to be an honest one, each family must be willing to share equally in the responsibilities for the community’s well-being

Although the Chavurah recognizes the importance of Rabbinic Judaism, and the need for every Jewish community to speak out of the values and goals of the Jewish tradition, the Chavurah commits itself to no preconceived definition(s) of Jewish life (thought or practice). But rather within the context of continued study and self-examination, the Chavurah dictates itself to a creative search by all its members so that each may arrive at a personal understanding of the meaning of being Jewish and what forms of expression that Jewishness will take.

In these ways, the Chavurah hopes to be a living part of the Jewish People, sharing in its task to sanctify life within community through a sense of holy commandments.



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