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Who tend to become Chavurah Members?

The Chavurah attracts individuals and couples who wish to be part of an adult Jewish community and enjoy learning about the Jewish Tradition; and enjoy celebrating Shabbat and other holidays in joy and song.

What is the Jewish orientation of the Chavurah?

It is liberal Judaism with a traditional feel. Members come from virtually every branch of Judaism or from secular backgrounds, and we welcome interfaith couples.The Chavurah is egalitarian and services are mainly in English with prayers recited in Hebrew. We welcome families dedicated to Jewish life. Most members of the Chavurah are committed to the survival and well-being of both the State of Israel and a Jewish future in America.

What is the age range of the Chavurah?

Most members are adults who have raised a family and are now “ empty nesters” or have children who are post bar/bat – mitvzvah in their homes.

How do I become a member of the Chavurah?

You are welcome to take part in Friday nights and Shabbat Study with the Chavurah to experience what we have to offer. At any point you wish to become a member, let us know by contacting Mark Golub, any member an  email to or by filling out the

Membership Registration Form

Chavurat Aytz Chayim

The Community Of Jewish Life, Inc Stamford, CT

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