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What is a Chavurah?

The word “Chavurah” comes from the root of the Hebrew word for “friend.” In this spirit, we are a community that celebrates with each other in times of joy and supports each other in times of difficulty and grief.

Where does the Chavurah meet?

Shabbat services are held on Friday evenings at the Stamford JCC. All adult Saturday study sessions take place in members’ homes.

Why should I join?

Take the opportunity to be energized by a fresh understanding of how Jewish tradition and thought can have real meaning in today’s world. And in the process join a caring community of individuals and families with a positive sense of Jewish identity and love of Torah. The Chavurah always welcomes prospective new members to attend our services and Shabbat Study Programs.

How do I become a member?

You may contact the Chavurah President at The Chavurah hosts new member events throughout the year. We would welcome you.


Our Chavurah Philosophy

Chavurat Aytz Chayim

The Community Of Jewish Life, Stamford, CT

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